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Monthly Marketing Update
- July 2021

Hallelujah, It almost feels like we are returning to a bit of normal. More networking meetings are happening IN PERSON, and every day more providers are sending in their events to post on our website. More senior centers and libraries are opening and that makes it much easier for families to pick up copies of the resource guide. I have never been so excited about “work". I have definitely struggled the past year to feel motivated and feel like we make a difference. I have learned that I do better with a tight schedule than with more flexibility. I apparently need to always know "what is next” and the past year did not provide that at all.

There are a few ways that our team will work different now:

1) We are making a change to the Transitions of Care zoom meeting. Over the past 6 months, we have been hosting these meetings for providers and case managers from different hospitals and regions. We have decided to change to a bi-monthly ALL region meeting. Starting in August, the Transitions of Care meeting will be held every month and last ONLY 30 minutes but will include updates for hospitals covering both Oregon and Washington states.

2) Last week, Erin and I started hosting weekly “20 minute meet ups” with our sponsors. It has been a great way to reconnect, as well as make some new introductions. The feedback was very positive- so we decided to make this an ongoing plan. For more information or to schedule with me directly- here is the link:

3) Although I am sick of zoom meetings, I do feel it is a good tool for an intro conversation. Now that more people are familiar with the platform- we plan to use zoom in place of phone calls for a more personal connection when possible.

4) We will continue the quarterly VIRTUAL resource fairs with the hospitals.


Network Meetings - Salem/Albany/Corvallis


11 AM
Transitions of Care Monthly Meeting
(This meeting has occurred for the past year+ and is coordinated with Samaritan Medical Centers, however all Mid Willamette Valley Hospitals and others are welcome)
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JUL 14
9 AM
Salem Senior Lifestyles Network
Hidden Lakes
400 Madrona Ave SE, Salem,97302
Topic: Open Networking



JUL 15
3:30 PM
Better Together
Meadow Creek Village
3988 29th St Cutoff, Salem, 97302
**Please bring a camp chair AND your favorite summer dish to share. We will have a tasting contest and 2 winners will win super cool prizes!!



JUL 22
9 AM
Yamhill County Network
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JUL 28
9 AM
Senior Service Network (SSN-Salem)
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SSN-Linn/Benton currently merged with SSN Salem until we are able to meet in person


Marketing and Development


JUL 15
9 AM
Walk-n-Wag Unleashed
Join for a month-long online race for teams and individuals, with fun contests, virtual and live activities, with prizes and bragging rights for winners.


Schedule a Meeting

Erin and I started hosting weekly “20 minute meet ups” with our sponsors. It has been a great way to reconnect, as well as make some new introductions. The feedback was very positive, so we decided to make this an ongoing plan. For more information or to schedule with me directly, here is the link:

Mid Willamette Valley Area

Location: Willamette Valley Vineyards
Address: 8800 Enchanted Way SE, Turner, OR 97392
Monday, JULY 5th
Tuesday, JULY 6th
Friday, JULY 23rd

Yamhill County Area
Location: Stoller Winery
Address: 16161 NE McDougall Rd, Dayton, 97114

Friday, JULY 30th


Case Management Week: October 11-15th

I know it seems crazy to talk about case management week 4 months in advance, but we want to give you time to participate. Last year, our team delivered “Thank you bags” to over 1500 case management staff at 45 hospitals from Everett, WA to Medford, OR. More than 150 providers in several cities donated items to recognize the hard work of local case managers. Here is a 90 second video to “show” the impact we made and how we would like to do it again.

For providers that wish to participate, in July we will email a form with all participating hospitals and the # of case management staff at each hospital. Providers then select which hospitals to support and will provide the “same small gift” for every case manager at the hospital. So if a hospital has 40 case management staff, a provider would donate 40 items for that hospital. Some examples: the items can be as simple as a hand written thank you, may include a small $5 gift card, or just a cold can drink, or kind bar.

When thinking of your items: try to keep value less than $10, NO alcohol, NO perishable food items (fruit, etc), NO personally baked items (cookies, etc), NO glass (breakable coffee mugs). These restrictions ensure your donation arrives fresh and unbroken after being moved, assembled, moved again, stored, and delivered.


On The Move


Do you know someone that has recently changed positions? Send us an update to share in the monthly newsletter, helping everyone stay connected and informed about community changes.


Additional Resources

There are so many resources included in Retirement Connection, that often a few may slip past you and may not be noticed. Did you know that the guide also includes:

Funeral Services and Estate Planning


Nuggets of Knowledge


“Understand that you will be like those whom you surround yourself. Your environment is stronger than you are. "
- Chinese Proverb

It is often easier to get pulled into the negative, rather than to walk away or seek a positive. We hear gossip and frustration several times a day. Do you choose to participate in the negative, walk away, or find the silver lining? I want to find the silver lining- but often still having to work at it.

Amy Schmidt
Retirement Connection


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