Monthly Marketing Update- Mid-Willamette Valley July 2022
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Mid-Willamette Valley
Monthly Marketing Update- July 2022

I just looked back to last year’s newsletter and laughed when I read "Hallelujah, It almost feels like we are returning to a bit of normal.”  Did you expect that it would take a full year longer before all networking meetings and events were in person again?

In the past few months, we have distributed thousands of guides in the community and at events. We are back to pre-covid numbers and climbing. I am grateful for the recent feedback from our sponsors that are finding a return on their advertising dollars. Even more valuable are the testimonials from local non-profit organizations, hospitals, referral sources, and DHS leadership that share the guide with their clients. Please take a moment to read their kind words.

The past 2 years have also allowed us to also develop We plan to grow this digital option across the country, and this month we have just added: Arizona, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. Unlike other sites, this online resource lists every provider for free, and each can update their current availability at no cost; this significantly increases Family and Patient Freedom of Choice like never before. The new site is also driving more web traffic to Retirement Connection and increasing the requests for print guides.

*** We are wrapping up our next edition. Most of our current sponsors have already reserved their ad space and sent in new ads. Please reach out to me or Erin today if there is someone you feel we should connect with for the next edition. Retirement Connection is an annual guide and it will be a full year before we can add someone new if they miss the deadline.

Network Meetings

Please visit our networking page for more details.

July 21, 9am
Yamhill County Network
July 21, 3:30pm
Better Together
July 27, 9am
Senior Service Network (SSN)-Mid-Willamette Valley

Marketing Update

Please visit our event calendar for details and more.

August 2, 11am
Transitions of Care

Hello Rhode Island!

We have just added new provider information for the state of Rhode Island to This means an additional 230 providers are now listed in our database of resources. This includes more than: 90 assisted living communities, 70 skilled nursing facilities, and over 60 home care, home health, and hospice agencies. staff sends a monthly e-newsletter to those who what to “stay tuned” for local announcements, news, events, education, and much more. We email you only once per month, and include at least one new article, monthly highlights, and share new features of the site. If you would like to receive the Monthly E-Newsletter, just click on the link below, and enter your information to  “stay tuned” at the bottom right of the page.
On the Move

Do you know someone that has recently changed positions? Send us an update to share in the monthly newsletter, helping everyone stay connected and informed about community   
changes. We include your name, company, and photo so others in the industry can connect
with you.

Nugget Of Knowledge

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." - Dory from Finding Nemo

I have done a few multi-day treks over the past few years. At times, I go too quickly, then I am forced to stop and take a break to catch my breath. Once I stop, it is harder to get moving again.  Whether I am on a long hike, running a 5k, or just managing my busy life- it is better for me to pick a more manageable pace and just keep moving. When I am overwhelmed or tired, I just need to keep going- even if it is slower than I would prefer. Slow progress is still progress!

Amy Schmidt
Retirement Connection



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