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- November 2018

Last week we had a guest speaker for our staff meeting. There were many many great takeaways- but my favorite was "What if the things that happened TO us, actually happened FOR us?" At times we have all wondered why me. What if we saw each stumble as an opportunity to learn, become stronger, find another route, or see support from an unlikely source? I am not the person I have become in spite of circumstances, I am this person because of them. A great example at work is when I think of competition-this can be a great opportunity to look for innovation. Without competition, we may rest on our laurels and not push ourselves to be greater. Competition can be a gift.

Retirement Connection is the most comprehensive local resource in our area. If you are marketing to seniors and their families, how else do you consistently stay in front of 50,000 families and providers? For those that are not a sponsor, but use the guide in your business or share it with families- please refer to our sponsors when possible; without them, we would not have this resource. We are already working on the next edition, and we are constantly making updates and additions, please let us know of additional resources you wish to see. We are never too busy to be a resource to you. Let me know if we can help you post an event, post an article or news, deliver guides, or just be a sounding board.


Network Meetings


NOV 15
9 AM
Southern Oregon Networking Association Resource (S.O.N.A.R.)
Bonaventure of Medford
2530 East McAndrews Road, Medford, 97504
Topic: Disaster planning for the senior population and those that work with them



JAN 24
9:30 AM
Save the date!
Douglas County Senior Resource Coalition


Marketing and Development


NOV 30
9 AM
2018 Annual Festival of Trees – Senior Day!
Seven Feathers Casino Resort
146 Chief Miwaleta Ln, Canyonville, 97417


Upcoming Hospital Case Manager Fairs


Registration is now open for Southern Oregon Sponsors to reserve their CEU space. Space is limited and the event registration will close automatically once filled. At this time the registration is only open to Retirement Connection sponsors, and priority will be given to those presenting CEU poster content. Please register today.

DEC 19
12 PM
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
ACOH (Asante Center for Outpatient Health)
Rooms 5 & 6
537 Union Ave, Grants Pass, 97527


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There are so many resources included in Retirement Connection, that often a few may slip past you and may not be noticed. Did you know that the guide also includes:

Attorneys & Elder Law and Hospitals


Nuggets of Knowledge


"Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out." – John Wooden

I have never believed that everything happens for a reason, but I very much believe that you can find a reason for everything that happens. I know it is a subtle difference. We may experience hardship and other moments of extreme joy. The tough times can teach us how resilient we can be, and bring support from others we never would have reached out to. It is easier to find the good when you look for it.

~ Amy Schmidt
Retirement Connection


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